so we did make sausages for a while... then we found out you all are allergic to the casings, so we took the casing out and left just the bit in the middle. Rolled it into a little portioned burgers and here we are - 5 years on and you still love them. 

Each slider is about 85g

Each pack is about 500g


You can pull pout just one if you need that perfect single portion of protein for lunch on the go,

2 x make a dinner

3 x make a feast.  

6 x feed a family

They are simply really good quality mince (chicken/beef/pork/game) which is seasoned with proper mineralised sea salt, fresh chopped herbs and seasonal treasures

Always no fill /no flour / no grain 

Completely gf / df / paleo 

Most are aip / gaps / keto friendly