About Us

We exist to help change the way people consume meat. A way that is more seasonal, ethical and sustainable.

Locavore Byron Bay was founded by Georgina Goddard and Morgwn Wilkie of Brooklet Springs Farm in 2020. They produce and source the best quality, pasture-raised organic protein, in a way that’s regenerative for the land.

Back in 2016, Georgina Goddard and Morgwn Wilkie started Brooklet Springs Farm, with simple motivations: to enjoy flavorful and nutritious protein while caring for the farmland they had recently relocated to from the city.

After years of health issues, a new baby daughter, Perry in their hearts, and a failed pursuit for reliable, truly clean, pasture-raised protein, they invested in 30 chickens and set about their journey into the life of farming. 

With busy stalls at Byron Bay and Bangalow Farmers Markets, and a growing community of locals who collected orders from the farm gate, Brooklet Springs Farm quickly grew into one of the largest pasture-raised poultry producers in Australia, offering consumers the privilege of enjoying chickens that lead the kind of idyllic life many envision as a bohemian dream today.

During the pandemic, it was time to support the local community even more, and expand beyond their own poultry, and fulfill their own pursuit of being able to access a range of reliable, truly clean, pasture-raised protein.

They launched a pop-up store called Locavore Byron Bay, for the ethical meat eaters in the Byron Bay region, like Georgina and Morgwn, who care about where their meat is coming from, and want to embrace a more sustainable way of cooking and eating meat. 

With a new permanent home in the Industrial Estate, Locavore Byron Bay by Brooklet Springs, produces and sources a seasonal range of regenerative organic, chicken, beef, pork and game from farms that are aligned with their same farming philosophies. 

Locavore Byron Bay offers a seasonal range of chicken, beef, pork and game, for locals in the Northern Rivers, which Georgina and Mogwyn believe is the most sustainable way to consume meat.

And while we have a Locavore Philosophy here in the Northern Rivers, we know there are customers further afield on the eastern seaboard who don’t have the luxury of being able to access food that is grown or produced within their immediate local community or region, that aligns with their own philosophy.


Ethical and regenerative chicken, beef, pork and game delivered to you.


We delievr to the Northern Rivers. Seasonal boxes available inSydney, Brisbane + Melbourne


shop 6-7. North Byron Plaza
90 Jonson Street, Byron Bay