pasture raised organic chicken sliders
Sliders (naked sausages!)
pasture raised organic chicken sliders
Sliders (naked sausages!)

Sliders (naked sausages!)

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You will receive 6 chicken burgers weighing approximately 75gm each. ($40/kg) 

(no fillers / Grains / Gluten / Dairy / binders or anything else unless it's listed.)

Chicken, Naked Bacon and Fennel Ingredients
Chicken and our pork belly (no smoke / no cure / no numbers just naked), toasted wild fennel (only a pinch!), nutmeg, salt and pepper.  

Roasted Apple Ingredients (gf /df)
Chicken. Olive Oil, Local Stanthorp apples, parsley. wholegrain mustard seeds, vinegar, salt + pepper. 

Mediterranean Ingredients (gaps /AIP friendly) (gf /df)
Chicken our oregano, tarragon, parsley, salt (no pepper as of dec19!).  

Chicken, Leek and Bacon Ingredients (gf /df)
Chicken  our smoked bacon (no added nitrates), local leeks, salt and pepper.  

Pineapple Curry Ingredients (gf /df)
Our Beef + Goat, local pineapples, coconut milk, curry spices. (super mild and kid friendly)

Confit Garlic Ingredients (gf /df)
Chicken, our own garlic, local olive oil, salt + pepper.


Our cattle are 100% grass fed + finished on our regenerative farm in Brooklet Springs, NSW. In certain weather conditions, we may supplement their diet with certified organic vitamin licks, apple cider vinegar, and garlic to ensure optimal gut health.

Organ meats have been long consumed by our ancestors as a source of whole food nutritional support. Beef heart offer a rich source of CoQ10, Vitamin B12, B Vitamins, Amino acids.