Beef Sliders - Red wine and fresh garlic

Beef Sliders - Red wine and fresh garlic

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You will receive 6 burgers weighing approximately 75gm each. ($40/kg) 

ingredients : our organic grass fed and finished beef, organic + preservative free local red wine and fresh garlic, salt, pepper. 

Gluten and Dairy free 

    So we did make sausages for a while... then we found out you all are allergic to the casings, so we took the casing out and left just the bit in the middle. Rolled it into a little portioned burgers and here we are - 5 years on and you still love them. 

    • Each slider is about 85g
    • Each pack is about 500g

    You can pull pout just one if you need that perfect single portion of protein for lunch on the go,

    • 2 x make a dinner
    • 3 x make a feast.  
    • 6 x feed a family

    They are simply really good quality mince (chicken/beef/pork/game) which is seasoned with proper mineralised sea salt, fresh chopped herbs and seasonal treasures

    • Always no fill /no flour / no grain 
    • Completely gf / df / paleo 
    • Most are aip / gaps / keto friendly