Porterhouse 550g (2 pieces)

Porterhouse 550g (2 pieces)

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Delicious Porterhouse

Generously thick cut steaks, snap frozen and packed in 2 separate pieces so you can defrost 1 at a time. 

Our Regeneratively Farmed Grass Fed + Grass Finished Organic Beef.

Simply delicious 

(we know the photos look like scotch fillets - i just need to have a few porterhouses in the shop long enough to take a photo of it!)

Our cattle are 100% grass fed + finished on our regenerative farm in Brooklet Springs, NSW. In certain weather conditions, we may supplement their diet with certified organic vitamin licks, apple cider vinegar, and garlic to ensure optimal gut health.

Organ meats have been long consumed by our ancestors as a source of whole food nutritional support. Beef heart offer a rich source of CoQ10, Vitamin B12, B Vitamins, Amino acids.